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Brick Paver Driveway Project; Frederick, Maryland

Our Client, wanted to convert a ten year old gravel driveway, one we annually maintained IMG_20141107_124917565with our hydraulic gravel rake, to a hard surface. They had some very specific requirements we were required to meet.   The product had to be easy to maintain, easy to clear of snow, and would last a long time.    Some paver products can bypass the new “Maryland Rain Tax ” because they are a permeable surface.  This driveway product from Nicolock* can meet that challenge.  A lot goes into the base preparation to meet the criteria, but we have it down to a science. Unlike concrete and blacktop, paver surfaces can be repaired, replaced or even relaid easily and inexpensively, making the longevity of this product somewhat indefinite, as well as a really good investment.  The color of this product is custom…  we call it our “October Glory Blend”. It took Five different colored pavers to make this blend.  It’s complicated to maintain the color blend pattern, there really is a pattern, but the staff at ALMCO* was up for it.  This project was one our largest to date. Almost 10,000 square feet and 35000 + pavers.   We had seven tractor trailer deliveries and four stone deliveries to get us the materials we needed.  With weather somewhat cooperative, it has taken a month to complete the base, body and border installation,  including 1000’s of feet of custom cut pavers.    The results speak for themselves… wouldn’t you agree?

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