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Hand Pruning Vs. Power Sheer Pruning…

IMG_20140809_132854421_HDRMost of our landscape competitors will grab the power sheers off the truck and start hacking away at the sides on an evergreen shrub.In a few instances this is an acceptable practice, predominately to attain the proper shape, or to speed in the general reduction of a shrub. However, it is considered by many a true horticulturalist as a draconian practice. most shrubbery needs to be hand pruned to allow light to get to the center of the shrub. This can’t be achieved with power sheers. By selectively reducing the canopy of a shrub, by hand, the overall size can be maintained, and better plant health can be achieved. Some may call this old school horticulture.  These boxwood are proof of how well the technique works!

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