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Tree Care Done Right… Frederick, Maryland

147Appalachian Landscape & Management in Frederick Maryland has been offering tree care, tree trimming and tree pruning work for nearly two decades. In that time, we have seen and fixed a lot of poor tree care work. Just because a landscaper can buy a chainsaw doesn’t make him an arborist.  It takes years to be a qualified licensed tree care expert.  As a licensed and certified arborist in Frederick, MD, we put the time in every year to learn new techniques and teach our staff the latest skills of fine pruning as well as the proper safety protocols to trimming & rigging trees safely.  Our safety record is spotless.  Something I am very proud to say.  Trimming trees is an art form all to itself.  Making the proper cuts in the proper order take years of practice.  Time we always will invest.  Talk with one of our arborists and you will agree… We do tree care right.


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